Error when importing my custom dashboard through kibana UI with metricbeat

I'm new to ELK , I have custom ndjson file that I imported through the kibana UI , I have some errors like "The field "nuix_running_worker" associated with this object no longer exists in the data view. Please use another field" , and errors like this "Error encountered while loading saved dashboard: Could not locate that dashboard " where should I trouble shoot first , is it the module yml file or the metricbeat config yml file

hi @_Zeyad_Elshater , welcome to our community!

First error seems to be related to the mapping that the dashboard expects compared with the data view. If you added custom fields to the metricbeat data view I guess that's something you should fix in the metricbeat side. This is probably what you need:

About the other error, it seems that on your custom dashboard there is at least one link or drilldown definition to another dashboard you need to import first.

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Thank you so much for your effort @jsanz

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