ES cluster is not showing LS node

I have an elasticsearch cluster named: elasticsearch_test1 and I am trying to get logstash to appear in the cluster when using the kopf elasticsearch plugin. I am getting logs sent just fine, but I can't get the logstash to show in the cluster node/health kopf plugin. Let me know if any other information is needed.

ES config: "elastcisearch_test1"

LS config:

hosts => "LS_IP"
stdout { codec => rubydebug }

Why do you want that?

BTW if you are using LS 2.0, that will never happen with elasticsearch output as it's a pure HTTP client.

Great question...

It used to show up and I thought it was nice to have the GUI quick info. But other than that I don't know of a good reason.


About clustering, I am not able to get my elasticsearch nodes clustered every since my 2.0 upgrade. I can get them all up but they don't seem to be clustering. They are on the same sub and using the same cluster name, but they don't seem to find each other...

ES.yml is dfault on most everything except ip, node and cluster name.

Thoughts or questions? would be why :slight_smile: