Node logstash join to the ELK cluster

Hello Guys,
I'm using the last ELK version and the last Logstash version.
I'm checking the ELK cluster with Kopf and Elastic-HQ and with both plugins I can see my 4 data ELK nodes.
I created a new server with Logstash and I am trying see this server in the plugins Kopf and HQ, with the following steps:

1- I created a new file in the logstash server named elasticsearch.yaml in the path :
The content is: logstash-01 false
node.master: false false ["node-01", "node-02", "node-03", "node-04", "localhost"]

2- In the file /etc/init.d/logstash , I added the following line:

`LS_JAVA_OPTS="${LS_HOME} -Des.config=/etc/logstash/elasticsearch.yml"`

3- I restarted my 4 ELK nodes and I added the discovery.zen.unicast.hosts the node of Logstash.

But it doesn't work.

Some one knows who can see the server with Elasticsearch with Plugins Kof or HQ.

Thank you.

Nowadays Logstash doesn't join the ES cluster with the elasticsearch output plugin. It only uses HTTP. If you really want the legacy behavior you need to use the elasticsearch_java plugin.

Understood thank you Magnus.