ES Upgrade: v2.3 to v5.6 - why were my indexes renamed like this?

I recently upgraded us from v2.3 to v5.6 (I'm extremely new to ES so go easy on me). Previously my indexes were each in their own directory like so:

ls /mnt/store1/elasticsearch/data/graylog/nodes/0/indices/
graylog2_1040 graylog2_1073 graylog2_1106 graylog2_1139 graylog2_1172 graylog2_1205 graylog2_1238 graylog2_1271

After upgrading it has renamed all the directories and files within like so:

ls /mnt/store1/elasticsearch/data/graylog/nodes/0/indices/
akLcyuXvSNOVFRWbilfppA h0Z7taXWSNydzKl_w0_kDg mFc63z4_ReyQ0ONzuRwimw tCsrTBT_Skq0zAQFd6saqw Zwk9yx0BTMC_cGLp3MpxDw
AnwGoarRR7K2bzA88Gd5ew H7UtruDPRGCQYGAGpFkGwQ MHfyQr-MT72nt-JJrtA3Iw

So instead of the nice friendly “graylog2_1040” I see folders and files coded like “MHfyQr-MT72nt-JJrtA3Iw” which are really hard on the eyes and only makes my life more difficult.

The Question: was this renaming mandatory or could I have avoided it somehow?

You should never do anything directly with the file structures on disk, so this change should not make your life more difficult. This renaming is mandatory.

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