Export and import dashboard


I need to export three dashboards from cluster-A (on-prem v8.10.4) and import into cluster-B (cloud v8.11.1).

What is the best way to do this? Although they're listed on "Saved Objects", I can't find a way to do the export for these three.

I did try an export by using the upper right option "Export objects" on "Saved Objects" page by deselecting all objects but dashboard for which I got the ndjson file. I suppose this file cannot be imported on cluster-B as it has all dashbords from cluster-A, right?

Is this export even possible? If so, can someone please point how to?

Thank you

Any hint/tip?

Please try:

  1. Export a dashboard with included related objects from cluster-A, save to a ndjson file.
  2. Go to Data views cluster-A, click on your index pattern. At URL should see something like this: host/app/management/kibana/dataViews/dataView/# or you can click on Edit pattern, Show advanced settings
  3. Go to Data views cluster-B, same path find uuidB
    Open the dashboard ndjson file in an editor. Search for you uuid and replace uuidB from cluster-B, save new ndjson file
    (should be something like this inside json: "id":"12121212-1212-1212-1212-121212121212", )
  4. Import the new dashboard on cluster B.