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I built a dashboard with several "visualization type".
In the different "visualization", I add a filter on the timestamp (now-72h) or (now-7d) and it works good.
Every day, I export the dashboard.
Now, I'd like to go back in time. I mean, I'd like to generate the dashboard for all the past days from 6 months ago (for instance yesterday, 2 days ago, 1 month ago, ...).
For instance, if I was able to change the variable "now", it could answer my question but I'm not sure it's possible and maybe there is a better solution.

NB : for the moment, the only solution that I see is to change all my filters in the visualization (for instance : 11/11/2018-72h). But it will take to me lots of time to make it for all the days.

Short, I'm waiting for your solution.

Sorry If I wasn't clear. Do not hesitate to tell me if it is the case to try again :-).


How about changing the time in timepicker?

You can either do the relative?

or quick:

Does it help?


Hello Bhavya,
Thank your for your reply.

In fact, in my dashboard, I have 2 visualizations (in real, more, but it doesn't matter) with 2 different picker times (last 72hours ago and last 1 week ago).
So, in the dashboard, I must set the timepicker to 1 week ago so that my 2 visualizations work.
If I change the timepicker in my dashboard to 1 month ago as you suggest me, my 2 visualizations doesn't work anymore. And, if I change the timepicker in my visualitions it will take too time to do it (because too visualizations and too days to get).

Maybe the problem is because I used the time picker in my visualizations. But I didn't see how to interact with the time picker dashboard because I need 2 different timepickers (72h and 1 week).

Hoping it's clearer :slight_smile:


So that's a global timepicker and I am afraid the settings will apply to all the panels in the dashboard.

What you can try would be to - create saved searches based on search queries you want including the time - save them and create visualizations on them. When you add them to dashboard filter on something else which can give you the results without impacting time.


Hello Bhavya,
Thanks. It seems it was not possible excepted changing all search queries as purposed but it's too high consuming.
So, I changed my dashboard and now have just used one timepicker (too bad, but it's ok) that I set in the dashboard. And I can get all my old dashboard.
So, I close the topic.
Thank you and see you soon maybe :slight_smile:

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