Exporting saved dashboards from one Kibana to another


We currently run an ELK stack on windows and am in the process of moving this from a windows platform to ubuntu. We are running Elasticsearch 1.7.3

We have custom Kibana3 dashboards that I would like to preserve and port over to ubuntu.

Reading through documentation, it appears that the kibana dashboards customizations are stored in the .kibana and kibana-int indicies. Would the best way to export a kibana dashboard be to:

  1. Take a snapshot of a kibana index and then restore it on the ubuntu platform?

  2. Which index holds kibana3 dashboards?

  3. Which index holds kibana4 dashboards because we have a situation where in prod, we have both kibana3 and kibana4 dashboards?

Many thanks

  1. A snapshot would work, but bulk-copying the small amount of documents we're talking about using a small script might be easier.
  2. kibana-int
  3. .kibana