Facing issue adding fleet server

Hello All,

I am fairly new to entire elk stack and right now trying to setup a home lab. I am facing a weird issue while adding a fleet server.
I am using the official guide to install and whenever i am doing:
sudo ./elastic-agent install
--fleet server-es=https://************ and further cmd.

it gives me error:
bash: ./elastic-agent:cannot execute binary file : Exec format error.

can anyone advise what could be causing it?

I am running both kibana 8.. and ELK 8.. on centOS 9.

Hi Tirath,

It sounds like you are using a binary that is not valid for your OS/Architecture.
Can you check in the downloads and try the binary for your architecture? Elastic Agent 8.9.0 | Elastic

uname -a will tell you what architecture you have on Linux so you can pick the right binary.

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