Failed to locate that index-pattern

I'm very new to elastic and through my many attempts at setup, I think I may have deleted something I shouldn't have - possibly an index or an index pattern, maybe both.

Whenever I click on the "logs" link in kibana I am presented with the "Failed to locate that index-pattern" message which is followed by what i'm guessing is the uuid. I'm not quite sure where to begin trying to rectify it and although I'm fairly sure I could re-install everything successfully, there comes a point where I will just have to get on and start trying to fix things.

Any help appreciated - just let me know what you need in order to help narrow down the problem and I will provide it.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

If you can head to Dev Tools, run GET _cat/indices?v and then post it in here for us so we can see what's on your cluster :slight_smile:

Thanks! Here is the result:

and here is the error message "Failed to locate that index-pattern: 050108b0-85c8-11ec-8def-c96ac6caf06b"


How about recreate index pattern of "logs-" and "filebeat-".
After that, once delete all index pattern for "Log indices" in Logs Settings and reconfigure them.

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