Could not locate that index-pattern (id:b76afda0-cf11....)


I'm using elastic/kibana 7.17 on RHEL 8. I've deleted some indices named appl-platform- and corresponding index patterns (appl-platform-), uploaded new data into elasticsearch and created a new index-pattern with the same name as before (appl-platform-), yet visuals complain that they "Could not locate that index-pattern (id: b76afda0-cf11....).


The index-pattern is existing again. Using a different ID of course. Why is a visual referencing an index pattern using its id and not its name? You can't even edit the visual anymore. The only thing one realistically can do is to delete the visual. And "Click here to recreate it" is pretty useless as the new index pattern already exists...

Is there a way to solve my issue? Other than to recreate the visual from scratch?

Kind regards, Edgar.

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