Could not locate that index-pattern (id: .*), [click here to re-create it](#/management/kibana/index)

I need to delete my index, as it was causing a field conflict, but there was a chart created and I'm taking the error below, would there be any way to update this ID?

It looks like you deleted an index pattern, and not an index.

You should be able to recreate the index pattern. Copy that UUID in the message "4a41..." and then create the new index pattern. As Step 2 of creating the index pattern, there is a button to "Show advanced settings". You can enter the old UUID in there.

I don't think the trailing '*' should be in the UUID. I would try first without it.

I'm also curious where you saw that message, since it looks like it's markdown format, but looks like it was not converted to HTML.

@Patrick_Mueller seems the message is built here:

Could be displayed in visualize or dashboard, I think

Thanks Matthias! Interesting approach to adding links to error messages. Wasn't clear to me if the image in the original post was from a Kibana UI that didn't end up rendering the markdown to HTML (which feels like something that could be fixed), or could have perhaps been pasted as text and shown in some other context.

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