Failure to install package [checkpoint]


I am not new to ELK, but I have an issue which I hope to solve with your help.

I installed the Checkpoint integration using the button, but I get the error below:
I am not able to [WARN ][plugins.fleet] Failure to install package [checkpoint]: [ConcurrentInstallOperationError: Concurrent installation or upgrade of checkpoint-1.28.0 detected, aborting. Original error: Saved object [tag/fleet-managed-checkpoint] conflict]

What does not make sense to me is my choice to add the agent as standalone and the aforementioned error containing fleet-managed-checkpoint.

My stack is running on ELK 8.10.4.
I followed Getting started with the Elastic Stack | Getting Started [7.4] | Elastic to install my stack.

Your input is appreciated,


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