Feasibility in joining two indexes in elasticsearch

Hi All,

I have a index named "dev-ticket" which stores the data of all the incidents created
and "dev-perf" which stores the data related to respective server performance

Is there are way to join these two index into one and build visualization out of it?

I tried creating a third index "dev*" it has all the fields created but the values i'm getting is only for "dev-ticket" the other index data is not getting loaded up, is my approach is wrong?

In simple words its a cross index search.

Please advice.


There's no way to do that in Kibana.

How did you try to create the merged index exactly?

@warkolm As i mentioned both my index are named as dev-ticekt and dev-perf , so i created a new index as dev

Is there any other way to achieve this scenario in ELK, because our main use of ELK is dashboarding, analytics and reporting . without having a correlation of data from different data sources we cannot achieve this.


Ok but how did you create the new index? Did you just call the API to create and not put data in there? Or did you reindex? If you reindexed, what was the request?

@warkolm i didnt reindex, i just did an alias creation and added those two indexes.


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