Feature Request for more robust vector graphics (Vega not enough) so I can generate good looking network maps (non-geographic)

I want to be able to generate, within Kibana and / or Elastic Security, non-geographic, good looking network maps like these:



Currently there doesn't seem to be any way to do this in any Elastic product no matter how much coding I'm willing to put into it. The capability would be far better than needing to export the data into some third party tool.

I propose that Kibana either gives us more free-form graphics rendering capabilities like HTML5 canvas, or build in a good looking, robust network map generation tool, callable via API with our own custom nodes, node edges, and preferably node sizes, icons and customizeable styles edge widths and styles.

Look at how beautifully (and practically) it's done here: Introducing Datadog Network Performance Monitoring | Datadog

Also, if you guys add the capability for me to build a link between an index entry and an edge, for example maybe if I could, when telling the API to generate a new edge or add an entry for that edge (a log correlating to traffic along that edge), add a field to the entry with a link that would redirect to the interactive map and highlight / label that edge, side-by-side with the index entry, that would be amazing.

So to clarify that:

  1. I write some code, maybe Painless, which analyzes traffic logs in an elastic index
  2. I leverage a Kibana API to generate a graph (nodes and edges) to be visualized in Kibana with that code, also telling the Kibana API which index entries are associated with each edge / node.
  3. When I find an entry that happens to be correlated to the visualization (a traffic log), I can click on a special field appended to that entry which will take me to the network map it's a part of and highlight the pertinent element in the diagram.
  4. Bonus points if I can drag a slider along a timeline / push a play button to see what traffic was happening over time, since each correlated entry will be associated with a timestamp. Stretch goal.


Maybe it would be feasible to build a GUI chart / visualization for it to work like all the others. Just allow the user to choose which properties to use to define nodes, icons, sizes, edges, and so on.


This is seriously awesome feedback, thanks for putting the time and effort into the detail!

Without wanting to make more work for you this would be open to putting this on GitHub as a feature request, that way the request still comes from you and allows our engineers and product team to better work on the request while also gauging interest from other users.

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Done: Feature Request for more robust vector graphics (Vega is not enough) OR a visualization module so I can generate good looking network maps (non-geographic) · Issue #153551 · elastic/kibana · GitHub


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