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Hi all,

During the last few days I've been trying to create a network visualization similar to vega's airport connections map ( that will show me the amount of traffic between routers/switches, with no success. The main problem seems to be a way to create a map in vega that's not one of the given maps but a custom one (preferably not based upon coordinates but pre-defined locations on screen).

Is there a good guide to vega and elastic, their integration? Maybe something that remotely reminds of this thing? I've seen the sankey graph in elastiflow... that's close but not quite it.


Unfortunately, Vega support in Kibana is currently experimental, so the documentation isn't great.

There's this:

And the various things it links to. If you can run 6.3, it ships with sample data. On the home screen, look for the link that says: "Load a data set and a Kibana dashboard"

That has a Vega visualization built in which might help. It's the airport visualization that you referred to, so it may not be totally helpful, but it will at least show how a combo of Kibana + Vega + map can be made to work.

Er. Correction, the sample data and visualizations are coming in 6.4, so they aren't in 6.3! So, if you really want to see them, you either have to wait for 6.4, or you need to run a dev-build of Kibana:

Currently, from what I can tell, even when I build ES and Kibana from the 6.4 branch on Github, it won't support this visualization.

The airport visualization is using v4 of the Vega schema, ES/Kibana on 6.4 only support up to v3.3.1 (or something like that).

Sad times, but perhaps a future version will support these really awesome Vega visualisations :slight_smile:

Interesting. It should be in 6.4, so I find that surprising.

Do you see that "add data" / "view data" screen when you go to the sample data screen?

I think it's using that very airports visualization that you mentioned.


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