Feature Request: Override visualization's setting in dashboard


I have a feature Request for kibana, wich I think would increase the usability of kibana by a good step.

Often I have following use case:
I open my main dashboard, which is showing the last 2 hours of data. If I encounter an anomaly I often compare with a bigger time window. Now I might wanna change the interval size of a panel for the "date histogram".

In Kibana 3 it was really easy to change it. You just changed it in a dropdown of the panel / vis. No saving needed, etc.
Since kibana 4 you have to modify the whole visualization and save it. That would also effect different dashboards which uses the same viz. Sure I can edit the viz, change it there, but then my local filters of the dashboard are not applied, ...

I just want to be able to override following settings of a visualization in a dashboard:
following parts are just implemented:

  • status of the legend (shown or not)
  • set color of buckets (-> that is already implemented)

following still needs to be implemented

  • visualization data
    ** interval size of date histogram
  • visualization options
    ** everything which is listed, e.g.
    *** show circles
    *** smooth lines
    *** set y-Axis Extends
    *** scale y-Axis to data ounds
    *** stacking
    .... etc.

The above mentioned settings may be changed by a popup, in that manner you do not need to leave the dashboard.
The above mentioned settings needs to be saved in the dashboard. If set, it overrides the settings of the visualization.

That would enable really to reuse panels / visualizations with slight changes in different dashboards.

Regards, Andreas

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