Field Correlations In Kibana Canvas

Hi Guys,
I've been using the kibana canvas dashboards and so far I'm really impressed.
The only issue I have is with the correlations.
I understand that SQL JOIN is not supported.
What is the alternative? in big data and log ingestion systems, correlations ability should be basic.
I did found a way to corelate fields, with the DSL language.
But there is no DSL in canvas. so I had to run the DSL query outside elastic and ingest the results back to canvas. which seems very odd.
Am I missing something here?
Any help would be appriciated.


It's not one of the languages supported by UI, but you can use the DSL in Canvas as well using the esdsl function - open the expression editor in the bottom right in canvas and edit the expression there. This is a basic example that should get you going (using logs sample data):

esdsl dsl='{ "aggs": { "exts": { "terms": { "field": "extension.keyword"} }}}' index="*sample*logs"
| table 
| render

Can you elaborate on what you mean by correlations exactly? Maybe there's another way to achieve your goal.

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