Field customization (e.g. length) per user or dashboard?

Hi! I'm with the platform team at our company. We use ES for exposing logfiles from our application servers. One of our users came to me today with some issues about using kibana. He's not used to kibana4 yet, and expects the logging statements to look more like the text files that were originally indexed.

For example, when looking at a table with search results, he'd like the stacktraces that he sees for his java program, to be shown completely, instead of only the first few lines.

Last time I had a reason to tweak this, I was using kibana3, so I expected a setting around the searches results table and/or dashboard, but was unable to find a way to change it. Looking on, I came accross the truncate:maxHeight setting in settings > advanced, as described here:

This applies the setting for all users, however, which was not what we intended.

Does kibana4 allow for user specific settings like this? What about dateformats? custom margins, paddings, colors?

As an aside: why is it possible for all users to reach a page and make changes that can potentially break the application for everyone?

Hi Roel,

There are not any user-specific settings in Kibana 5.x (and also not in 4.x).

I just saw a demo of a "raw log" plugin for Kibana which I think is what you might like. Unfortunately it hasn't been open-sourced by the company that created it yet.

You can check for current plugins here;