Kibana field preview size

I am using elasticsearch and Kibana for log management, one developer asked me if I could make a field "larger", a field they look at all day is quite large and they need to hit the "toggle field details" to get to see the rest of the content in the field. I tried finding something in advanced settings in kibana to change this but found nothing, nothing in the index pattern template and nothing on google

is it possible to increase the "preview" size og large fields in Kibana ?

hi @gborg,

are you referring to the preview of fields in the Discover application?

How large are these fields?! :wink:

I'm pretty sure this cannot be set. I would create an enhancement request here:

yes, exactly that.

Those fields are pretty huge in one use-case I have, stack traces being dumped into a field

And yeah, since I found nothing on google I guessed there wasn't a setting for it, I will create the request, thanks for the tip

Note: as a dirty hack to make their lives easier, I pointed out they could use a css modification plugin (I use stylebot myself) to change some default values, client side

change to something like:
.truncate-by-height {
max-height: 1000px

instead of

.truncate-by-height {
max-height: 115px

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