Field name changes upon rollup

I specify a field to be included in a rollup job. Example: windows.service.display_name
Then, when looking through the rolled up index, that data is under the field: windows.service.display_name.terms.value

I haven't been able to find a good answer to this. Thanks.

This is expected behavior. Rollup indices have special internal field naming which are different from original field names. However you can still query (and visualize) against the original field names.

Okay, then is it still possible to create a visualization with both 'live' and rolled up data if the field names differ?

Yes it is! You simply need to create an index pattern with the rollup index name, plus the live data wildcard, for example rollup_logstash,logstash-*. The index pattern will populate the normal field names. Example in docs:

Okay, so it 'auto-magically' knows which names to map then for visualizations?
Thanks for that info!

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