Field selector for a parameterized visualization


I'm new to ELK so i'm playing around with visualizations to test them. I'd like to replicate jconsole on kibana 7.17 (using jolokia)

First: It seems is not possible to have tabs for building a composed dashboard, so multiple dashborads will be grouped in a single one (with tabs). Is that correct?

Second: Is it possible to build a visualization where the field is parameterized from a dropdown list? It would be interesting to have "container-like" visualization which is fed from the dropdown list selected field. this way it would be reusable. (Heap, NonHeap, Memory pools,...)

I was thinking that maybe it would be possible at indexing/ingest process by adding additional fields which allows me to use a given field as a value: for instance:
field: memory.metric.type which contains the names of memory fields.

This would be a good approach?

thank in advance

as for 1: no, it's not possible to have tabs inside a Dashboard.

could you clarify 2 a bit more? you can use Lens to create visualizations from a specific field.

Hi @majagrubic


I'm using jolokia to retrieve info from the JVM (just for contextualize).
For "memory" related info I have for instance,
the fields memory.heap_usage and also memory.non_head_usage.

I'd like to have a drop down list with "memory.heap_usage" and "memory.non_heap_usage" as values but not the values in those fields.

On the other hand I'd like to have let's say a "Line" visualizer which is fed by the values of the fields memory.heap_usage or memory.non_heap_usage based on the selected value of the drop down list. having a single and reusable visualizer fed by different field (one at a time) modifiable at runtime (selecting it from the drop down list).

To try to summarize it: Is it possible to change the field used to fed a visualizer at runtime?

I hope I have explained myself well as possible
Thanks in advance

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