Field URL Format Not Working In The APM Dashboard

I am using Kibana 6.7 and changed the format for a tag field (context.tags.<tag-name>) to be a clickable URL; the filed format's works as a clickable URL in the Kibana Discover page but the URL formatting is not applied to the same field in the APM Transaction dashboard in the Tags tap. Would be really nice if the field formatting is applied everywhere possible.

For reference, Kibana Field Formatters.

Thank you!

P.S. great work with the APM project.. really appreciate it!

Hi Alsheh,

Thank you getting in touch. Just so I understand your issue let me try and summarize;

You can put a full URL in a tag field (i.e., but it's not automatically converted to a clickable link as you might expect.

I can see how that's useful. I've created an issue for APM UI to convert such links to clickable links.

Thank you for your suggestion.

@casper Thanks for the follow up. I'd say it's fine/expected if the field has a url and not automatically become clickable. I'm more interested to leverage Kibana field formatters such that if I change the format of a filed from its index pattern on Kibana, the change would be reflected in the APM dashboard as currently would on the Discover page. Making a URL clickable is just one use case but applying all field format settings to the APM dashboard will open up so many possibilities!

My own use case was to create a URL dynamically from a tag's value, http://<host-name>/document/<tag-value>; again this works in the Discover page and it was possible by setting the filed format to Link and setting URL template to http://<host-name>/document/{{value}}.

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