Fields description

I'm working to import tons of basketball's stats so I was thinking if there is a way to add a description to every field in Kibana's dashboards or visualizations.
For instance, in the Discover tab, I would find it very helpful if moving the cursor on the field's name I could see a popup with the description of it.

Generally, the field name is clear but in this scenario.
Thinking about it I know that probably the description field should be in charge of Elasticsearch engine even if the appearance is in the Kibana's layer.


AFAIK, this is not supported out of the box.
Write custom code for that. The best solution if you have the capabilities.
Add the description in the field. e.g. "MName (Name of manager)", PName (Name of player), etc.
Add another field for description. e.g.
MName, MName_desc, PName, PName_desc, etc.

Good luck!

Can you explain the phrase "Write custom for that."?
What do you mean? Or, at which level should I work to get it? A custom plugin? Or any other chance?

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