Fields not highlighted in events and Kibana can not identify the field type

Some of the fields derived from the KV filter are not being highlighted in the events although i can see the fields in the left pane on Kibana console. But those fields are aggregatable and are not visible under fields in index pattern.

I am attaching the screenshot of what i am seeing. Also Kibana shows a ? sign infront of the field name in the left pane.

The field i am looking for should be a string type .

i can see a message saying that "No cached mapping for this field"

I already refreshed the field mappings on the index pattern but it didnt fix anythingfieldmapping

Still looking for some help.


Fields getting highlighted works only on fields of type text and not on numerals.
Can you please check what's the type of the field under index pattern?


I actually deleted my old index pattern and recreated it. Its fixed now.

Ah. That's great. There was something else happening other than text/number highlight then.

Thanks for letting us know.


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