Unknown filed type is not mapped


I have a filed with type Unknown. When investigating my index pattern and on the Dev Tool, I can't see that field, but can see it in my query/ searches results

The problem is that when I wish to display this field in my visualize, I can't. It's not there.
Basically, this fields suppose to be string - it contain an object description. It's not numeric/date or
anything else
I refreshed the index pattern, but no change. I can't see this specific field

my Q's are:

  • Why I'm not seeing this field?
  • Why is it appears in my search query as unknown type? the field data can look like this:
    abcde - Network 123 Investigation
  • I own a script that runs every night to update data in ES. What's the best way to map this fields to string? via ES API? Kibana Dev Tool ?

In case it matter, the field name start with "_" and it's not nested

Any idea?
10 in advance :thumbsup:

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

I believe fields starting with an underscore are treated as reserved fields and should not be allowed. How did you manage to index a field that starts with an underscore? Which version of Elasticsearch are you on?


hi @Christian_Dahlqvist
My script fetch the data from the API and index it in ES. I'm not doing anything special to for parameters with underscore. Plus, I have other parameters that starts with underscore that have type

I'm using 5.4.0

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