Unknown type in Discover even with Dynamic Mapping

Hello !

I'm new to the ELK stack so this question might be a bit dumb and I apologize.

I have logs going through Logstash, then Elastic Search and arriving to Kibana without problems. My logs contains severals custom field like "userId" or "objectName" which are both strings in the JSON sent to Logstash.

When I want to create visualization using one of those custom field, it doesn't appear in the list of the possible usable value.
I checked in my ElasticSearch Index in the Mapping and the dynamic Mapping find the good type of those fields (text).

Here is a sample of the mapping :

        "userId": {
          "type": "text",
          "norms": false,
          "fields": {
            "keyword": {
              "type": "keyword",
              "ignore_above": 256

So, from what I understand, the dynamic mapping find this field to be of type text, but it appears as Unknown Type in the "Discover" tab of Kibana and I'm not able to use it in Visualization.

Do you have any ideas why this field have an Unknown type in Kibana even if ElasticSearch DynamicMapping found the good type ?


Did you refresh the index pattern in Kibana?


Thank you for your answer, I didn't know I had to refresh the index.
How can i refresh it ?

Check the documentation.

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