Filebeat Azure module not compatible with Maps visualisation

  • I am using Filebeat Azure module to fetch activity logs and sign-in logs.
  • Logstash is running between Filebeat and Elasticsearch and pushing data to a custom index cloud-audit-azure. Using a custom index to store data purposefully as we want to use index pattern cloud-audit* having indexes such as cloud-audit-aws, cloud-audit-azure.
  • I copied its ingest pipeline and using the same to parse data.
  • after seeing and source.geo.location.lon data type asnumber I tried changing it to geo_point from mapping but no luck
  • when changed to geo_point, cloud-audit-azure was visible in Maps visualization but it was letting me select only one of or source.geo.location.lon.

Here is the pipeline file if you would like to see :

Can anyone help ?

source.geo.location should be geo_point, not the lat or long. What does you index mapping look like? How did you create it?

hey @legoguy1000 thanks for your reply. I did not create the mapping, I tried changing type from ingest pipeline.

Index mapping is in the following gist :

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