Filebeat index pattern

(Bouali Inass) #1

Hey i just installed a kibana and elasticsearch and logstash on a server and filebeat on a nother server that has apache logs and i wanna monitor those logs on kibana.
I'm not sur what i've done is right ??
the problem is that i wanna set filebeat index pattern on kibana and i couldnt do it cause i dont have create button on kiabana .

(Mark Walkom) #2

Is there data in ES?
Check with the _cat/indices request.

(Bouali Inass) #3

this is what i get :
yellow open filebeat-2017.05.23 TNrRmsF1SGisf7eWemk-Wg 5 1 3418 0 620.5kb 620.5kb
yellow open .kibana 59ZfVxvERCqZd76r08h8wg 1 1 1 0 3.1kb 3.1kb

(Mark Walkom) #4

Then all you need to do it change the index pattern to the right one :slight_smile:

(Bouali Inass) #5

i dont have the create botton to create filebeat index pattern is there is any other way to do it ?

(Mark Walkom) #6

You need to literally change the logstash to filebeat and you should be ok.

(Andrew Kroh) #7

If you follow this step from the Getting Started guide it will create the Kibana index pattern for you.

This is generally better than doing it yourself because the pattern setup by the tool has field formatters setup (like bytes get rendered as 1KB, percents as 99%, etc.). This may not affect Filebeat but definitely makes a difference with the other Beats.

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