Filebeat redis output doesn't support redis cluster mode

I am using filebeat 5.4.0 with redis output and I noticed filebeat doesn't support access to redis cluster configuration endpoint. I am using AWS redis cluster mode on (engine 3.2.4) and filebeat is not able to handle MOVED events (

This is the error I get from filebeat logs:

2017-07-14T02:35:51Z ERR Failed to RPUSH event to list with MOVED 6715 x.x.x.x:6379

and here my filebeat.yml output.redis section:

hosts: [""]
datatype: "list"
key: "filebeat:%{[environment]}"

As per my understanding, filebeat should be aware of this and implement corresponding logic to redirect PUSH to node returned by MOVED (redis-cli, for instance do it).

Note: logstash should act in the same way.


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