[Filebeat] Redis Cluster support

Hi Beats team,

My company is planning to move from Redis "classic" (single instance) to Redis Cluster very soon, which is used in our platform for business usages, but also for logging purposes with Filebeat.

When trying to do the move this week, we realized that Redis Cluster is not supported in Filebeat (as an output). Basically it looks that the MOVED event is not correctly handled by the beat:

ERROR redis/client.go:235 Failed to RPUSH to redis list with: MOVED 6709

So my question is: is there any plan to support Redis Cluster as output? If so, could you provide a timeline for getting this change available? (I've checked the forum and pull requests on GitHub without finding anything relevant).
If not then we'll try to develop the feature since it's important for our business.


Hi @Henrikaya :slightly_smiling_face:

AFAIK there are no requests to include this into the output. Maybe you can open a PR by yourself or open an enhancement request in Github. I have just done some research and it seems that the underlying Redis library that Beats uses doesn't support Redis Cluster https://github.com/gomodule/redigo/pull/170

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