Files change during snapshot and restore process

I took second snapshot after adding some files and try to find the difference. I found that some files also got removed and some got modified. But if I am adding documents, why some files get removed from the backup? I am asking this because I want to copy the new files to a different location. If some files are getting modified or deleted, then I have no option left and copy the whole repository folder which will be very time consuming.

Use the mmlssnapshot device command to list the snapshots in the file system and make a note of the snapshot that contains the files and directories that you want to restore.
device is the name of the file system.

Snapshots in file system fs1:
Directory SnapId Status Created Fileset
fileset_test1 1 Valid Mon Mar 23 09:20:37 2015 nfs-ganesha
filesystem_test2 2 Valid Mon Mar 23 11:12:59 2015

Hi Ethan, could you tell what is mmlssnapshot device command?

mmrestorefs Device SnapshotName [-j FilesetName]
[-N {Node[,Node...] | NodeFile | NodeClass}]
[--log-quiet] [--preserve-encryption-attributes]
[--suppress-external-attributes] [--threads MaxNumThreads]
[--work-unit FilesPerThread]


Use the mmrestorefs command to restore user data and attribute files to a file system or an independent fileset using those of the specified snapshot. Data will be restored by mmrestorefs without regard for file system or fileset quotas unless the enforceFilesetQuotaOnRoot configuration attribute of the mmchconfig command is set to yes. The mmrestorefs command does not restore the file system and fileset quota configuration information.

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