Filter Data Table Column Using Dropdown Filter

Imagine a table with 4 columns. Is there a way I can use the Dropdown Filter element within Canvas to only show the selected columns within the table?

For example, look at this table found on

Notice how you can select an iPhone model from the dropdown, and the column updates to show info pertaining to that iPhone model. What I am trying to do does not include images, but only text. Is there a way I can use the Dropdown Filter element to select a column's name, and it display that column in the Data Table?

Sure, do you mind sharing what you've got so far, including the expressions backing the elements?

In general, if your expression for an element begins with filters | then any datasource should be filtering based on the selection in the drop down. However, you have to make sure the drop down is configured to apply to the correct field in your data.

Hi Lukas,

I've attached a screenshot of my CSV file and the screenshot of my Canvas. As you see, I have 16 columns on the CSV file, but for my Canvas I have 5 columns. As you see in terms of design, there are 4 drop-downs on top of 4 columns. I want to be able to switch between the 16 columns in the CSV using the drop-downs in Canvas. So for example, in Canvas, the drop down should give me options of 16 different columns (maker, model, mileage, manufacture_year, etc.), and the column underneath should change and display the data for the requested column. Is this doable?

Unfortunately this isn't currently possible. The drop down filter can only be used to filter rows from your data, not columns.

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