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Hi, I am having Kibana 5.4.0. I am filtering in top bar:
a) -> this works, returns attrs.from where substring is ""
b) -> works, return any field that contains substring ""
c) iptel -> DOESN'T WORK, returns "No results found". How so?
d) "asterisk"iptel"asterisk" -> works, return any field that contains substring "iptel"
e) attrs.from:iptel -> DOESN'T WORK
f) -> works

I thought that I have specify that I want substring but if a) and b) returns substring I expect also c) to do it so.
attrs.from is searchable keyword that looks like "".

Why c) and e) doesn't work?

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What is you field type for attrs.from in mapping ?


string, searchable, analyzed...

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Assuming your using the standard analyzer, your from field is analyzed as below.

POST test/_analyze
  "analyzer" : "standard",
  "text" : ""

Above will be anaylzed as below,

  "tokens": [
      "token": "sip",
      "start_offset": 0,
      "end_offset": 3,
      "type": "<ALPHANUM>",
      "position": 0
      "token": "3400017733",
      "start_offset": 4,
      "end_offset": 14,
      "type": "<NUM>",
      "position": 1
      "token": "",
      "start_offset": 15,
      "end_offset": 24,
      "type": "<ALPHANUM>",
      "position": 2

iptel will not match any of the token inside the inverted index. Thus c) and e) will not return anything.


Oh, I see! ありがとうございました。

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