Filter for value icon not shown


From the Kibana, I have defined two index patterns; one is for specific logs (e.g. access-gateway-), and another one includes multiple different logs (e.g. access-).

I go the "Discover" tag and select access-gateway-* index to display data. I can see the "Filter for value" icon shown up when the mouse pointer hovers over the column (as shown in the diagram.)

However, when I select access-* index and display the data again, the "Filter for value" icon is no longer available.

Not sure if it is Kibana bug or something I have done.


Hi there, this does sound like a bug. I couldn't find any existing bug reports that match the behavior you describe, so would you please file a new bug report on the Kibana repo? Please be sure to include version, steps to reproduce, and any errors that show up in your browser dev tools. Thank you!

I delete the access-* index pattern, and create it again. Everything seems to be OK now. I suppose it is not really an issue.

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