Filter Tabbing and Auto-Completion in 7.x

In Kibana 6.x, when you add a filter, you would automatically switch from field name, operator, and values as soon as you entered a value. In 7.x, I have to hit tab 2 or 3 times to go from field name to operator, or from operator to values.

There also seems to be less support for giving value suggestions in the value section of the filters. Kibana 6.x wasn't perfect, and often was missing some field values as suggestion, but generally it worked. In 7.x, I almost always get "There are no options available", or I have to wait several seconds before getting a dropdown of possible options.

Did Kibana change how this list is populated? Are only certain field names or index patterns supported for autocomplete?

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After some more testing, it seems to work more consistently for smaller indices than the larger ones. I see that in version 7.5 there are these two settings in Kibana:


Default: "1000" Time in milliseconds to wait for autocomplete suggestions from Elasticsearch. This value must be a whole number greater than zero.


Default: "100000" Maximum number of documents loaded by each shard to generate autocomplete suggestions. This value must be a whole number greater than zero.

Do these apply to filters, the search bar, and options list visualization, or just one of them?

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