Does search Autocomplete works in Kibana 4.6.x

I want to have an autocomplete search on kibana 4.6.x
Is that possible?

Please provide more details. An autocomplete search of what? Where are you hoping to see/use the autocomplete?

Kibana 4.6 is not longer supported. I would recommend upgrading to a supported version - 5.6 or 6.x

I want an autocomplete using Fields

In the filter bar? That functionality was added to kibana in 5.4ish.

Yes in the filter bar, on visualization tab. I create a report and I want to use the filter on that report.
Can I add it on kibana 4.6 ??

I see that there is a typeahead tag and classes, it has something to do with the autocomplete right??

it is not possible to add that functionality to 4.6

Ok thanks, but I can't believe what you say because the same thing told me another elastic team member.
That I can't export the search bar when I share a visualization, but I did it.
So if there is a way I can do this please tell me, i already created a custom plugin so I think I can do it.

Can you please explain short to me what does typeahead does??

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