Kibana Autocomplete in 7.1.1

Does autocomplete in Dev Tools work in v7.1.1? I have turned on everything I have read about within the UI but nothing works. I type "GET _c" and nothing comes up. I have a v5.5 that comes up with all the _cat options when I do that.

Yes, autocomplete should work in Dev Tools in 7.1.1.

When you say you have everything turned on, do you mean all of the options from the Settings tab on the Dev Tools page? That is where all of the options for controlling autocomplete are located. You should also try manually doing a Refresh Autocomplete Suggestions from there.

If none of that seems to work, can you check to see if there are any errors being thrown in the browsers console?

Correct, all check boxes on the Settings tab are checked.

I don't see "Refresh Autocomplete Suggestions".

When I bring up Kibana I see in the browser's console an error saying "Content Security Policy: The page settings blocked the loading of a resource at self..." I am going through a proxy to get to Kibana.

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