Dev tools autocomplete not working

When using the dev tools console, the very useful autocomplete of fields and indices does not work. Commands do autocomplete as expected. The setting is turned on. Any suggestions?

It is a known issue that if you create an index within Console, or add a new field to an index within Console, the syntax helper doesn't recognize these new entities for autocompletion. The workaround for it is to refresh the browser page, and when Console reloads, it will re-read mappings and then know about them. Reloading won't lose any work because Console saves the state of the editor in browser local storage.

If the problem is not happening because of that scenario, do you have any more information you can share, such as what are the specific terms not being autocompleted?

It's not just new objects that aren't autocompleted; none of the indexes or fields autocomplete. If I were to start a line with 'G', I get the expected "GET" suggestion. If I enter "GET user", the only suggestions I get are "_cluster/..." endpoints, even though there is an existing "users" index. Similarly with the command payload, for example if I write a term query, the "query" and "term" expand as expected with the proper json, but when I go to the prepopulated "FIELD" field and start entering an existing field name, there is no suggestion.

That's about all I can say for behavior. Our setup is running ElasticSearch and Kibana in docker containers. Any other details I can provide?

Edit: (v5.0.0 for both)

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