Is it possible to have a "kibana-like" query bar like the current Kibana beta?

A co-worker of mine said he saw an ad on Facebook for using a "Query Bar" with ES outside of Kibana. We would love to implement something like that (i.e. a bar that would auto complete field names and values), but I have found no information that talks about this other than what I see w/in Kibana.

Is this something that is possible (i.e. hosting a control like this in a SPA) without exposing Kibana or writing a control from scratch?


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You can check the kibana source and extract the desired functionality as it is open source. The basic idea is to check the mapping of fields in Elasticsearch and based on that build autocomplete functionality.

I'll move this over to the kibana forum, maybe you get some better answers over there.

I wonder if this could be related to our site-search service?

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