Implement an autocomplete search using field pattern

(Endrit Kane) #1

I want to implement an autocomplete search-bar on kibana 4.6.
When I start typing a field name I want a dropdown list of all indexes (fields) I have on the created report so I wont have to type it until the end.
How can this feature be implemented on kibana 4.6 ?

Don't tell me to upgrade kibana, I can't, I must use this version.
Don't tell me it can't be done, there must be a way. (ex: i exported search-bar when a vis with iframe is shared but the support team told me it could not be done)

(Tyler Smalley) #2

4.6 was released almost two years ago, so a lot of the context we have to answer this question does not exist. I would suggest querying the /elasticsearch endpoint in Kibana which is a proxy to Elasticsearch. You can create the query and handle the results that you deem necessary.

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