Remove field suggestions from Query bar

These field name appear by default in the Query Bar.

Please advise if we can remove these fields and have a simple text search.

If you want to filter using KQL then this autocomplete can't be switched off. You can though choose lucene language and these suggestions are not going to pop up.

But I am curious, why you would like to hide them?

Thank you!!! This works like a charm.
Basically our requirement is to have a fully functional Query bar with all search functionalities but without these suggestions popping up. Due to appearance purpose.

is there any limitation if we change the Language to Lucene?

There is no limitation. The biggest feature that is missing from lucene is the fields and values suggestions but from the capabilities perspective lucene can be more powerful. The syntax is also different so if you choose to work with lucene you will find some queries that are written differently.

Great!! Thanks :blush:


In Addition to this can you advise how we can retrieve the backend KQL query once we filter out data on Kibana Dashboard?

Our requirement is to filter out data using charts and other visualisations are retrieve the query generated in backend. This query should contain the filters added on dashboard. Once we run the query on Dev tools it should give us all results.

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