Kibana 7.2 Add Filter is unusable using keyboard

Adding a filter in the new Kibana 7 using the keyboard is infuriatingly difficult. Here were the simple steps under Kibana 6

Kibana 6:

  1. Click Add a filter
  2. Type a few letters -> Tab to autocomplete
  3. Tab (to accept the defaut "is")
  4. Type a few letters -> Tab to autocomplete

... and here is the new way to add a filter using Kibana 7

Kibana 7:

  1. Click Add a filter
  2. "Field" is not preselected, so have to either tab to this or click it manually
  3. Type a few letters -> Tab selects the dropdown arrow so have to tab again
  4. Can press enter but that does nothing
  5. Cannot select dropdown using tab so have to reach for mouse to click
  6. Manually Select "Operator"
  7. Type in "is" -> Tab selects the dropdown arrow
  8. Have to tab again to get to the operator field
  9. "Operator" box has a red underline to suggest an error even though "is" is a valid field
  10. Repeat for Value field, noting the tabindex jumps me right back to the "EDIT AS QUERY DSL" link each time, meaning I need to press tab 5 times now to get to the Value field

It's very frustrating trying to use the keyboard to do this, given that this is one of the most common things I have to do. Not sure what the best way to report this is?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi there! Thanks for your feedback, I agree this needs to be improved!

The best place for suggestions like this is our Github Issue tracker. We have an open issue here. Could you add your thoughts and input there so we can collect the concerns before we work on it?


Thanks - I couldn't locate the issue already in Github, so obviously had the wrong search terms :slight_smile:

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