Kibana 7 Feedback - UI for Creating filter

One of the features I use the most in Kibana is
Filter -> some indexed field -> Is | Is one of | Is not | Is not one of -> value[,value][,value]

Let's say I want to filter on field "severity" (our field for error level), and I want to see only logs with severity ERROR

In Kibana 6 I would use it like this

  1. Click Filter link
  2. Type "sev"[enter][tab]
  3. Type [enter][tab] -- as I recall. Perhaps [enter][enter][tab] was needed, or "i"[enter][tab]
  4. Type "er"[ENTER] -- as I recall. Perhaps "er"[enter][enter] was needed
    resulting filter - severity:ERROR

In Kibana 7 I need to do it like this

  1. Click Filter link
  2. Type "sev"[down arrow][enter][tab][tab][tab]
  3. [down arrow][enter][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab]
  4. "ER"[down arrow][enter][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab]
    resulting filter - severity:ERROR

So, the end results are the same. Let's compare the user input in the separate steps
2. Kibana 7 requires 4 more key hits on 2 additional keys. Clicking down arrow is very annoying. It feels cumbersome because it requires moving the entire hand a full width to the right, rather than just moving fingers. Clicking tab three times is very annoying because simply because it seems like a totally unnecessary step.
3. [down arrow] again. Please note that I don't even recall if I used to hit enter once or twice in Kibana 6. If two enter hits were required, I didn't really notice because a double tap on the same key requires almost no effort at all. Moving the hand a full width to the right, trying to find that down arrow key, click that, move your hand back to where it was, trying to find the exact proper positioning again comparatively requires a huge amount of effort. Hitting tab key 5 times: Now the multi-tapping starts becoming an effort. I have to actually track the UI updates of the currently selected input to make sure I arrive at the correct target input control. Or count to 5 while pressing the key at a steady pace. And it feels even more pointless than it did in the previous step.
4. Another [down arrow]. and 8 tab hits!

Please have a look at the previous input handling, key functionality (eps. the enter key!) and tab ordering and then revise the current UI/UX accordingly.

And thanks for a fantastic product!


Hello Johan - Thanks for the feedback. We've been prioritizing accessibility improvements recently and this certainly falls under that category.

Would you like to file an issue on ? Otherwise I can move your feedback over there but I thought it might be better if you knew how to do it directly.

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