Filtering on pdf reports

Hi, when in a dashboard I select share -> pdf reports - post url to create a report, i get this url:
/api/reporting/generate/printablePdfV2?jobParams=(browserTimezone:America/Santiago,layout:(dimensions:(height:1463.984375,width:1692.5),id:preserve_layout),locatorParams:!((id:DASHBOARD_APP_LOCATOR,params:(dashboardId:bb9342a0-d32e-11ed-a3c7-f3cc8fbb9ac2,preserveSavedFilters:!t,timeRange:(from:now-30d,to:now),useHash:!f,viewMode:view),version:'7.17.5')),objectType:dashboard,title:'Anomalias dashboards',version:'7.17.5')

how can I modify this url to add a filter like:


so I get only the data of my-hostname in the report.


If you save the filter with the dashboard it will be preserved in the report. Is that not an option?

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Hi, no the filter its not saved like in older versions, but just managed to add a query in rison, after viewMode:view


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