Fleet giving error | unable to initialize fleet

getting this error sometimes in FLEET

resource_already_exists_exception: [resource_already_exists_exception] reason: task with id {endpoint.metadata_current-default-8.6.1} already exist

getting this error when sometimes fleet page shows agents

null_pointer_exception: [null_pointer_exception] Reason: Cannot invoke "org.elasticsearch.xpack.core.transform.transforms.TransformState.getTaskState()" because "transformState" is null


Hi @theacodes, do you mind sharing the following info to help better troubleshoot:

  1. The Kibana version
  2. Elasticsearch version
  3. Package version of Elastic Agents

And does this error only happen when installing the package?

Additionally, when this error happens, what does it say when you click 'See full error'?


thanks for the reply.

both elastic and kibana are of the same version 8.6.2
agents are also updated to 8.6.2


I'm getting this error as well as the above error when I open the fleet page.

also sometimes I'm able to open the fleet page somehow.
this error occurs when I visit the fleet page or try to add an integration which further takes me to fleet page.

Error updating endpoint to 8.6.1: Concurrent installation or upgrade of endpoint-8.6.1 detected, aborting.

any updates 0/ ?

any updates 0/ ?

any updates 0/ ?

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