Fleet Server Docker Failing to Start no Error message

I am having a hard time getting the Elastic Agent running as Server for Fleet in docker. I apologize I have to retype my environment here on my personal account as I am not yet on the enterprise support so its difficult for me to include entire configurations and logs as the work is being done on prem - which I'm aware Fleet at least in the past was not a friendly install in a 'traditional' enterprise where servers can't directly access the internet (this is not a new thing)

From docker-compose:

  - FLEET_SERVER_ELASTICSEARCH_CA=/usr/share/elastic-agent/ca.pem
  - FLEET_POLICY_ID=the guid here not the friendly 'name'
- ./ca.pem:/usr/share/elastic-agent/ca.pem:ro

When I attempt to start fleet with these settings

State Changed to STARTING 
State Changed to RESTARTING
State changed to STARTING
State Changed to RESTARTING
State Changed to DEGRADED Missed last check-in sub_type 'RUNNING'
State Changed to FAILED Missed two check-ins - type ERROR 

There is no error message that I see it basically just quits from here and no other logs.

I should note on the host the owner:group of the ca.pem is a service account not root. So I attempted both with root:root and root:service account group and permission denied on the ca.pem at start.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I suspect its related to the cert - but I don't really have a log I can find to begin troubleshooting.

All I want to do is setup the APM tool and in the past I've done that without Fleet but maybe that documentation has been scrubbed from the internet - if that is out there somewhere for 7x installs please share.

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