Fleet Server not available after reboot

Hello there,

Server info:
1 - I´m running ubuntu 20.04
2 - Elk stack running on 7.13.3 version

I´m trying to add a fleet server on a self managed host. This works great after installing, but after restarting the host, fleet stays offline. Here is what I did:

1 - Downloaded the elastic agent to the same elk server (DEB x64 version)
2 - Generated the token
3 - Followed the instructions for the commands to be used:
sudo elastic-agent enroll -f --fleet-server-es=http://localhost:9200 --fleet-server-service-token=XXX --fleet-server-policy=XXX
4 - Enable service:
sudo systemctl enable elastic-agent
5 - Verify in Kibana that agent is healthy and working
6 - Reboot host

After rebooting, kibana shows the agent as offline. Running "sudo systemctl start elastic-agent" does nothing.

Can anyone help?


Can you provide the logs from the Elastic Agent? Logs from journalctl would also be helpful.

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