Fleet Server not connecting to Elastic after install, x509 error

I have deployed two Docker containers for elastic and kibana. Those two are talking to each other and working fine. I am now trying to deploy Fleet Server and have followed all the documentation and the Fleet Server and its integrations will not communicate with the elastic server. I am using self generated certs and I installed the Fleet server with --fleet-server-es-insecure to get the Fleet server to install as I was getting the x509 certificate signed by unknown error. I tried both the method where you don't supply certs for Fleet Server at install and I also used the Elastic utility to generate a new fleet crt and key file and installed that way as well. All installs require the --fleet-server-es-insecure option to work. I added other agents on completely separate hosts and when I look in the agent logs after install using the --insecure option I continue to get x509 errors. What am I missing that I should do for the fleet policy to work after a successful install. I looks like any agent I install will not communicate with the without x509 errors.

With certs:

./elastic-agent install --url=

Without certs:

./elastic-agent install

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