Fleet UI in Kibana not working after update to 8.11.1

When I access Fleet on Kibana post upgrade, I get the message "Unable to initialize Fleet: Invalid licence to set per policy output, you need platinum licence".

My default output was elasticsearch, I'm not able to figure out how to change this configuration because on Kibana all the Fleet menus are not working because of the message above.

        - es-master01.net:9200
        protocol: https
        proxy_disable: false
        proxy_headers: null
        service_token: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
          renegotiation: never
          verification_mode: none

The above configuration is form one of my elastic-agent elastic-agent inspect

Hi @yash1311,

Welcome! Can you confirm what version you upgraded from? Which licence did you have pre-upgrade (Basic, Platinum etc.).

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