Upgrade from version 8.5 to 8.6 - license error

After updating from version 8.5 to 8.6, my fleet server does not work, I cannot see my agents online, in the logs I have the following situation:

   Reason: current license is non-compliant for [categorize-text-agg]","log":{"level":"ERROR","logger":"plugins.fleet"}

My license is basic

Has anyone ever experienced this? do you know how to fix?

Hi Thiago,

That error is normally that you're using a feature that's not available under the licence you're using. However, looking at the subscription matrix that looks to be a basic feature, so it could be that the error is a red herring and another feature is not covered under your licence.

Have you raised a standard support ticket or GitHub issue at all?

The error is sporadic, however my Fleet server has stopped working

Thanks for the additional information. I still suggest raising a support ticket or GitHub issue for this.

I opened a ticket yesterday, there, I still haven't heard back.

Sorry to hear that Thiago. I've seen an update today that this issue is caused by Fleet making use of a ES platinum feature under the covers. The GitHub issue is here for you to track and looks to be being picked up.

ok, I'll follow the resolution

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